Aladdin Dates


Savour the taste of Dates from the Heart of Arabia with Aladdin Dates.


We offer Premium Quality Arabian plain dates (whole and pitted dates) of different varieties that range in size, color, texture and sweetness, including Khalas, Fard, Lulu, Khenaizi, Dabbas and Sheeshee. DATE HALWA,DATE PASTE,DATE SYRUP,DATES WITH CHOCOLATE,STUFFED DATES.


Taste the Varieties of Dates as per your personal touch!

  • Farhad – For people who likes it a bit chewy, on the dry side, Medium sweet
  • Kholas – These are the sweetest, Melt-in-the-mouth buttery-caramel flavour and smooth golden brown skin
  • Lulu – Juicy & Fills ur mouth – Medium sweet
  • Bumaan – Mildly sweet

Dates can be eaten at various stages of their development. Early dates, known as khalal or bisr, are ripe and fresh, and have about 50 per cent moisture. The semi-mature rutab is slightly less moist, while the familiar deep and golden brown colours of tamr, which offers optimum maturity and sweetness, has a moisture content of between 10 and 30 per cent. After harvest, each date is carefully cleaned by hand and prepared for the market – there is no mechanisation or any chemical added to the process to preserve the fruit.


Dates are considered as a natural resource for nutrition, it provides the body with a high percentage o proteins, minerals and vitamins e.g. Vitamin A, B1, B2 And BB which are constructive ingredients for building up the body tissues and muscles.

Dales also help in pregnant women’s delivery, it activates the womb muscles in the months of pregnancy and helps in the womb movement at the time of delivery as well dates minimize the post-natal blooding. and also helps in healing the liver from many parasitic diseases and a good medicine for the hepatitis and it contains vitamins B2.

Dates contain phosphor there for it increase the male fertility and enhance the sexual strength.

Dates vitalize the aging so it delays the aging elements and it provides immunity against brain and body tiredness.

Dates are easy to digest, Stimulates the urine, clean the kidneys and useful to the liver.

Dates are good appetize